Saturday, June 29, 2013

A New Start

Last night I was able to get going on a new project. One of my cousins is getting married in August, so I had been looking for something to make for her. A lot of the wedding pieces out there are too cutesy or outdated for my tastes (and I believe hers), but when I saw the wedding sampler in the May/June 2013 issue of Just Cross Stitch, it was love at first sight.

This sampler is still fairly conservative, but the fact that it's monochromatic and somewhat more abstract in design makes it seem a bit more modern to me. I was a bit worried about whether or not she would like it, but I'm going with my gut and making it!

The sampler is stitched two over two on 28ct Amber. This is a bit darker than the fabric that the project called for, which was light mocha. I wanted the white to stand out more. It uses only Gloriana in Winter White. So far, I've loved stitching with the silks. They're so ... silky (kind of the best way to describe them).

I haven't decided if I want to post a picture of the what the finished product will look like or not. I think this may be a bit of a mystery, at least for those who don't have a copy of the magazine. :)

One very exciting aspect of this project is that it will be my first time attempting specialty stitches and beading. Hopefully it goes smoothly, as I only have about a month to complete it!

Have you ever made or bought a gift for someone when you weren't sure they would like it? How did it turn out?

P.S. - At the time of posting, I have already completed my first specialty stitch (albeit a very simple one). It's horizontal satin stitch (though it's vertical in the photo). I love cross stitching, but it was a lot of fun to try something new. I can't wait to get to the other specialty stitches. It may also motivate me to try hardanger sooner than I had planned.

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