Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Quilts of Cape Cod (a.k.a. I am crazy)

I recently joined The Cross Stitch Forum as a way to learn about and share my new hobby with others. It's home to an incredible group of ladies and (a few) gents from all over the world, who collectively have an infinite amount of knowledge and love for cross stitch.

However, I must warn you. Should you join their ranks, you will soon be overcome with the sudden desire, nay - need, to start many new projects and acquire a great many supplies (better known as stash to cross stitchers).

This crazy project is a perfect example.

The Quilts of Cape Cod - Jane Wooster Scott
First, a bit of information. In the world of cross stitching, there is a wondrous and yet dangerous place called Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED, for short). They produce full-stitched cross stitch charts of artwork, which tend to be large and have lots of colors. I have to admit, I'm not personally crazy about most of the designs there. Nothing against all wizards and the countless faeries and dragons, but it's just generally not my thing. So I thought I wouldn't catch HAED fever, which has infected many a stitcher, causing them to buy more charts than they could stitch in five lifetimes and have more works in progress (WIPs) than seems reasonable. This was a good thing, as HAEDs can take years to complete.

Then I saw the Jane Wooster Scotts.

Jane Wooster Scott is an American folk artist who is quite popular. I love her paintings for their color and detail. Mark and I have a set of 10 puzzles featuring her paintings that I have worked umpteen times each. So as soon as I saw that HAED had her paintings as charts, I had no choice.
I would love to complete this piece for my grandmother (who we call Puck), who used to make beautiful quilts. I've already started and re-started this piece, but I will save that story for my first progress update.

I've also already found several more HAED designs that I would like to stitch. There should really be a vaccination for HAED fever.


  1. Ha ha! Love your comments about HAED. I thought most of the designs were rather silly, honestly, until I saw this wizard cat that looked exactly like my Scully, and I just *had* to do it. (It's called The Hermit).

    Never say never!

    1. Never say never is exactly right!

  2. I'm excited for my first cross-stitching attempt!

  3. Me too! I need a partner in crime (er - hobby).