Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I can remember a time when I didn't identify as a reader, but it was a very long time ago. Plus, I wasn't that good at reading yet anyway.

Ever since I became a voracious reader, reading has always been a way for me to forget about my own problems and world for a while and read about lives that were more interesting than my own. This is in part because I worry far too much and need ways to get away from that. My worrying manifests itself physically as well, so I've always been grateful to have a way to relieve that stress.

As I've gotten older, reading has been able to soothe my soul less and less, unfortunately. I still get lost in good books, and books and reading are still one of my biggest comforts. But I find that the more challenges I face (especially those pesky "adult" problems), the harder it is for me to completely let them go, even if only for half an hour.

When I rediscovered cross stitch a few months ago, I had only planned on doing one project as a gift. However, I sort of fell into a mild (ok, maybe not mild) obsession with cross stitch and other needle crafts. Some of this is due to finally having a creative outlet (something I've been searching for awhile now), but I think a good chunk of that obsession came from the complete and utter relaxation/calmness I usually experience when stitching. This particular time in my life is very hectic. Everything is up in the air and big changes are coming. All of that is great, but a bit trying on my poor nerves (I'm definitely channeling Mrs. Bennet here).

Basically, all I want to do right now is stitch 24/7. It is just like me to find a new, time-consuming hobby right when my thesis is due.


  1. Patrick Rothfuss would tell you to finish your thesis. But your sister-in-law tells you, eh...your work, half-assed, is still going to be better than the vast majority of the work your professor(s) will see this term. Stitch some. Thesis some. But mostly stitch. You're almost there.

  2. At least the end is in sight. It's just very far away, high up on a mountain. And some days it feels like my brain is wearing the wrong kind of shoes for hiking.