Sunday, March 30, 2014

Episode 5

Episode 5 is up on Youtube! I've made quite a bit of progress on the band sampler as well as some knitting WIPs, and I even finished a couple of books to boot.

This one is a fair bit shorter than the last video (although still not as short as I thought it would be). Apparently, I really like talking to myself.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I always enjoy watching your podcasts! The band sampler is looking absolutely beautiful. I've never experimented with specialty stitches, but the look is incredible. It's going to make an awesome gift.

    Only child here, too. My parents are definitely the main contributors to my cross stitch habit. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm glad someone is enjoying them. :)

    You should give specialty stitches a try! They can give a lot of dimension and interest to a cross stitch piece, especially something like a sampler.