Monday, September 30, 2013

October Goals

Before listing my stitching goals for October, let's review my progress on my September goals.

September Goals
1. Complete ~50% of Nursery Rhymes (gift)
2. Complete and frame another small baby gift (currently about 1/3 done)
3. Start Band Sampler from Sampler Quaterly (post Christmas gift)
4. Start Tribal Elephant from White Willow (gift, waiting on chart to come in at LNS)
5. Start Christmas ornament for the Cross Stitch Forum Ornament Exchange

1. Not quite, though I should be nearing 50% in the next week or so.
2. Definitely not. For whatever reason, I just didn't want to work on this.
3. Nope!
4. Yes! I started this design and made a good amount of progress.
5. Also yes! I technically started this morning, the last day of September, but it still counts.

So all in all, a mediocre month goal wise. But I got a lot done on Nursery Rhymes, which is the main focus. I also may have overestimated my stitching speed/time. I will probably try to scale back a bit for October's goals.

October Goals
1. 100% complete and ready to be framed (I'm pushing myself on this one)
2. Finish ornament for Cross Stitch Forum ornament exchange and ship
3. Start/finish small to send with Stashmas gift (another exchange on the Cross Stitch forum)
4. Start/finish/send ornament for another gift
5. Stashmas shopping!
6. Start a gift for my husband
7. Finish other baby gift and frame
8. Start band sampler

Okay, so I said I would scale back for October. I lied.


  1. Great goals! I love the Stashmus shopping one. I must include that on my list too

  2. Found your blog through Jan's. I think you have set yourself a big challenge for October! Sometimes one project just calls to you though doesn't it?