Monday, October 21, 2013

Two finishes and a start (of course)

I had a very productive weekend, completing two of my stitching goals for the month. One was finishing the stitching on a small gift for an exchange I'm doing (so no pictures yet!), and the other was finally finishing Baby Globe by Bent Creek!

Baby Globe - Bent Creek (finished 10/19/2013)

I made this for one of my cousins, who had his first daughter back in June. I started this back then as well, meaning it to be a quick stitch. I think it should have been, but for whatever reason this wasn't that enjoyable of a stitch. The fabric was a bit flimsy (it's 32ct linen, I think), and I just felt like it was hard to stitch on. Also, the chart had about a million errors in it, which was frustrating. It's a small enough chart that I could figure out what was going on by looking at the chart, but it was still very frustrating. There was one symbol that was used twice for two very different colors (in the chart, not the key), and two symbols in the key that were never used at all! Anyway, it's done and I've got the frame, so all I need to do is frame and deliver it.

And since I got those two finished, I was able to kit up and start another little ornament that I hope to send out when I send out my exchange gifts. This one is a surprise that I'm very excited about. I should have it done today hopefully, and then I will be able to start finishing all my ornaments and preparing to send them off.

This weekend I had a lovely surprise, as I was the recipient of an RAK (random act of kindness) from a HAED Freebie fairy, Dana Dragonheart. She was kind enough to send me the chart for this little guy. I think I might have to stitch this one up to keep me company at work.

QS Grumpy Owl - Annya Kai

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